HedgeCo Privacy Policy

HedgeCo.app is an exchange that facilitates a matching of differing opinions on the outcome of future events through its proprietary software on mobile and desktop devices.

HedgeCo.app assumes no responsibility for any losses parties might incur through use of its software.

1.Prediction Matching

Users take a look at the various questions on the HedgeCo.app exchange and may take either the "Yes" or "No" side of a binary event. Both "Yes" and "No" refer to the event happening or not happening respectively. Users must choose a side and also decide on a price they are ready to pay for choosing that side. Once two users, with opposing opinions on the outcome of an event, settle on a particular price, a prediction is deemed to be "matched". Users are notified when their predictions are "matched" by HedgeCo.app, and their staked amount is deducted from their wallet balance.

2.Prediction Matching Mechanism

Much like a stock exchange, users' predictions are matched on the HedgeCo.app exchange on a first come first serve basis. The best-buy price of a "Yes" or "No" is matched first, followed by the next best price and so on.

If a buyer is ready to buy a "No" contract from the market at X and you come in after him/her and offer X-10 to buy the "Yes" contract, the contract will be matched at X, the original best price offered.

3.Unmatched [Opinions]

For certain thinly traded events or events with a high price variance between users, predictions might go "unmatched". Predictions remain "unmatched" till the event market remains open or till the user him/herself cancels their pending predictions.

4.Partially Matched [Opinions]

In certain cases, predictions might be partially matched by the HedgeCo.app system. Partial matching of predictions means a percentage of a user's stake is matched at the pre-decided rate whilst the remaining stake goes unmatched. For more details on "matched" and "unmatched" predictions refer to I and II.

5.Determination of Odds

HedgeCo.app and its software creates a price matching mechanism where users with differing opinions meet to determine the price of both the "Yes" and "No" outcomes. This price (of both "Yes" and "No") is also referred to as the odds of the outcome. HedgeCo.app uses no external matching software and engages in no price manipulation on either the "Yes" or "No" markets. Prices are determined by users of the HedgeCo App themselves.

6.Event Market Closure

Every event market will have a specified time window during which trading on the "Yes" and "No" outcomes will be possible. The event page will specify the date and time when trading on a particular event is open and when it is closed.

7.Event Settlement

Every event prediction market has a predetermined event settlement schedule, i.e. when winners of the event market are paid for their correct predictions. Events are settled only after the outcome of the event is clear and declared on the "source" website or news publication mentioned in the event page on HedgeCo.app. HedgeCo.app aims to credit the wallet balance of all users making successful predictions within 30 minutes of the declaration of the event's result.

8.Disruption in Event Calendar

In the unlikely occurrence of events being called off or indefinitely postponed, participants will be given the opportunity to cancel their predictions.

9.Privacy and Profile

Users of the HedgeCo.app platform can adjust their privacy and sharing settings from their own profile page. HedgeCo.app will never share any confidential information with any external vendors. All transactions are recorded using blockchain technology so that a record is maintained and kept handy in case any irregularity or illegality is detected. No other users of HedgeCo App will be able to see the details of your transactions and vice-versa.

10.Fraud Detection

HedgeCo App has safeguards in place to protect users from fraud. These safeguards include a strict KYC process, identity verification, email/mobile number verification, secure key access and flags for irregular volumes and transaction size. For more details on HedgeCo.app's built-in safeguards and how you can ensure you stay clear of fraud when using the platform, please check out "Fraud Prevention Document".

11.Bonus Credits

Each bonus programme introduced by HedgeCo.app comes with specific conditions vis-a-vis when a user can cash out that bonus and how a user can stake that bonus on various event markets. Kindly view the specific terms and conditions of any bonus scheme that has been extended to you.

12.Referral Programs

HedgeCo.app creates referral programs from time to time. The specific terms, conditions and referral bonuses for each referral program may differ from time to time. Please check the programme document for more details.